Basic Feature
Validity Period
Sim Card
Credit Top-up
  • Voice Mail
    To listen to incoming voice mail, you only need to call 222 through your Tri number, and you will ask to enter password. The default password is 123. You will be charged for calling 222 with Rp 150 for prepaid and Rp 100 for postpaid.
    The maximum amount of message that can be restored is 10.
    To unsubscribe from voice mail service, press #122#
    To activate voice mail: *122#
    To check voice mail status: *121#
    Credit Transfer 
    Credit transfer service is currently unavailable. 
    Checking the Credit
    To check the credit, go to BimaTri application,, press *123#, or call 123. 
    Text Message and Phonebook Capacity of Tri Card 
    Tri Card has the memory capacity of 32 KB. It can restore 50 text messages and 250 contacts on phonebook.


  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)
    The standard PIN of your Tri card is 1234. If you input the wrong PIN 10 times, your Tri card will ask for PIN Unlock Key (PUK). To avoid PUK, make sure to remember your PIN or use lock feature on your cell phone. 
    Call 3Care at 123 to find out the PUK. You will be asked to verify your Tri card registration data. After the verification, enter the given PUK and then PIN 1234. If you input the wrong PUK 3 times, your Tri card will be blocked and you will have to come to the nearest 3Store to change your SIM card with a new one, free of charge.


  • Extending the Validity Period of Tri Card and Internet Service
    For any top-up, the validity period of your card/internet will be extended according to the amount. Rp 1,000 top-up will extend the validity period for 1 day while Rp 100,000 top-up will extend the validity period for 100 days. 
    Check the Validity Period
    You can check the validity period through BimaTri application,, press *123#, or call 123.
    Grace Period
    Your Tri card will enter grace period if you don’t top it up until the validity period of your card ends. The grace period will last for 60 days. Make sure to top up your Tri card, so that it won’t go to waste. 
    Expired Card
    To prevent your Tri card from being expired, make sure that you top it up before entering grace period.


  • Internet Setting on Smartphone
    To access the Internet on your smartphone, set the APN as follows: 
    APN: 3data
    User name: 3data
    Password: 3data
    Internet Access Trouble-Shooting 
    Check the Internet setting. Make sure that it is set like the following: 
    APN: 3data
    Username: 3data
    Password: 3data
    Android: Setting --> Mobile Network --> Access Point Name
    iOS: Setting --> Cellular --> Cellular Data Network : APN
    Windows Phone: Settings --> Cellular --> Add APN
    BB 10: Setting -->Networks and Connections --> Mobile Network --> APN
    Restart the device after the set-up and try accessing it again.


  • Lost/Damaged Tri Card 
    Tri card that is lost or damaged can be replaced at the nearest 3Store for the fee of Rp 10,000. 
    Micro and Nano SIM Card
    Go to the nearest 3Store to change your Tri card into micro or nano SIM card.


  • Credit Top-Up with Physical Voucher 
    Scratch the backside of the voucher to find 16-dit of voucher top-up code. Press *111*<16-digit hidden voucher code># then press OK/Call
    Example: *111*1234567891234567#
    Inputting Wrong Voucher Code 
    If you input the wrong voucher code until your number is blocked, contact 3Care at 123 to reactivate it.