How To Use
  • Enjoy a convenient communication with cheap tariff during your Umrah in Holy city of Mecca with Tri Ibadah service:
    • Tri Ibadah is available for all 3 customers (existing, new, 3Prepaid or 3Postpaid)
    • International roaming service for calling, SMS, Blackberry and Internet in Saudi Arabia
    • Activate Internet Roaming package service thru *899# (free) or BimaTri app or www.tri.co.id


    Blackberry, Android, Iphone, IPAD, tablet and modem user can enjoy Internet Roaming Package with bigger quota in Saudi Arabia

    Internet Roaming 2GB + Free Local Data - 10 Days Rp 125.000 

    Internet Roaming 3GB + Free Local Data - 40 Days Rp 250.000 Buy


    Enjoy cheap call and SMS during your trip in Holy Land

    Service in Arab SaudiMobily cheap tariff (Rp/Minute)
    Mobily cheap tariff (Rp/Minute)3.300
    Calling to Indonesia3.300
    Receive call3.300
    Send SMS3.300 (per SMS)
    Receive SMSFREE



    • Blackberry Roaming daily service (Rp 33k/day) and Internet A La Carte Rp.125k/day) is 
      activated automatically (without registration) while using Mobily network
  • Activate before departure to Saudi Arabia

    • The roaming partner for Tri Ibadah in Saudi Arabia is Mobily.
    • Activate Tri Ibadah service thru*8998# or BimaTri then wait for SMS
    • Set APN on your handset
      - APN : 3gprs
      - Username : 3gprs
      - Password : 3gprs
    • When arrived in destination country, make sure to join Mobily network (display on screen: Mobily/Etisalat/KSA 03/42003)
    • If necessary, set a network manually to select roaming partner.
    • Enjoy Tri Ibadah Internet Package in Saudi Arabia


    Activate after arrive in Saudi Arabia

    • Deactivate data roaming setting (Data Roaming: OFF) in your handset before going abroad
    • The roaming partner for Tri Ibadah Internet Package in Saudi Arabia is Mobily (display on screen: Mobily/Etisalat/KSA 03/42003)
    • When arrived in destination country, make sure to join Mobily network 
    • If necessary, do manual network setting to use appointed Tri roaming partner. 
    • Activate WhatsApp Roaming Package thru 899# (free) then wait for the SMS confirmation. 
    • Set APN on your handset :
      - APN : 3gprs 
      - Username : (leave empty)
      - Password : (leave empty)
    • After receive SMS confirmation, activate data roaming setting (Data Roaming ON) on your handset.
    • Enjoy Tri Ibadah Internet Package in Saudi Arabia


    Terms & Conditions

    • Internet Roaming Package can be used for internet service and Blackberry®. For Blackberry, need to activate local Blackberry service first.
    • Quality and speed of internet access in overseas depend on capacity and service (2G/3G)held by Tri roaming partner.
    • Tri Ibadah Internet Package 2GB(10days) and 3GB (40 days) is not renewed automatically.
    1. Who can enjoy Tri Ibadah service ?
      All Tri customer, new/existing/3Prepaid/3Postpaid (with our without deposit) can enjoy Tri Ibadah service, with Mobily network as roaming partner during trip in Saudi Arabia 
      For Internet Roaming in Saudi Arabia, activate the service thru i *899#, BimaTri apps or website www.tri.co.id.


    2. When the service is available for 3Prepaid and 3Postpaid customer?

      The service is available from August 14, 2014

    3. How much is the package price?
      • Internet 2GB/10 days, price  Rp 125.000
      • Internet 3GB/40 days,  price Rp 250.000

      Price is included VAT 10%

    4. How much data service tariff  in Saudi Arabia if  I don’t subscribe for Internet Roaming package ?
      • In  Mobily network:
        • BlackBerry® roaming daily service (APN: blackberry.net) Rp 33.000. Please ensure the Blackberry local service is already activated
        • Internet roaming daily Rp 55.000/ 20Mb, Rp33.000/10MB.
      • In other Network except Mobily:
        • With APN BlackBerry® Rp 330/kb (minimum quota usage 100kb/day, then will be charged per KB)
        • Internet A La Carte Rp.125K/day.
    5. How if the customer have multiple subscription of Internet Roaming package in Saudi Arabia?

      Quota is accumulated and package validity is lengthen

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