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  • For Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, or modem user, enjoy Internet roaming with tariff Rp 55.000/ day for usage up to 20MB. After that tarif f  Rp 33.000/10MB apply.
    For more affordable tariff and more convenient experience, activate Internet Roaming Package or Whats App Roaming Package
  • How to use:

    Before going abroad:
    • Check Tri roaming partner network in destination country.
    • Please make sure the balance is sufficient based on your travel duration. Tariff is Rp 55.000/day for roaming promo partner and Rp 330/Kb for non promo roaming partner.
    • After arrive in destination country, join Tri roaming partner network.
    • If needed, do manual setting to select roaming partner network.
    • Set APN settings on your handset
      APN             : 3gprs
      User Name  : (leave empty)
      Password    : (leave empty)
    • Activate roaming setting  (Data Roaming ON) on your handset.
    • Deactivate  data roaming setting (Data Roaming OFF) on your handset if you don’t want to use roaming service.
  • Country and operator list for Internet Roaming  service


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