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  • Terms and Conditions of Postpaid Roaming

    The following Terms and Conditions regulate International Roaming for 3Postpaid Subscribers. By using International Roaming Service, Subscribers are perceived to understand and approve these Terms and Conditions, which may change from time to time.
    1. Service Activation
      1. International Roaming Service Without Deposit:
        1. 3Postpaid subcribers automatically get international roaming service without having to activate it first. The availability of International Roaming service is the same as that for 3Prepaid users.
        2. Roaming tariff will immediately be charged when the service is used in other countries.
        3. For the convenience of Subscribers, it is advised that the Subscribers have the minimum phone credit of Rp 200,000 to allow the use of International Roaming.
      2. International Roaming Service with Deposit:
        1. 3Postpaid subscribers can visit 3Store to get International Roaming service with wider and more complete outreach by placing deposit.
        2. Roaming tariff will immediately be charged when the service is used in other countries, except for phone calls that will be charged off-line.
        3. The use of phone call service in other countries may exceedsubscribers’ credit.


    1. Roaming Service and Tariff
      1. 3Postpaid International Roaming Tariff is provided by Tri in collaboration with Operator Partners in other countries.
      2. There can be more than one Operator Partner working with 3 with different tariff schemes between them.
      3. International roaming services include phone calls with UCB facility, phone calls with direct dial facility, incoming phone calls, outgoing/incoming text messages, BlackBerry®, and Internet access with 3Postpaid International Roaming tariff. It is important to note that several Operator Partners only have limited roaming service.
      4. When Subscribers travel to other countries, the following facilities must be deactivated manually, otherwise existing roaming tariff will be charged when using the services in other countries:
        1. Voice Mail
        2. Call Forward/Call Divert
        3. Delivery Report
        4. Call Waiting
        5. Multi Party call/Conference Call
      5. Subscribers will not be charged for incoming text messages when using the services of Operator Partners of 3. For subscribed text messages with value-added service (VAS), any incoming text message will be charged with the VAS tariff (content).
      6. When staying in other countries, the qualities of phone calls, text messages, Blackberry and Internet access depend on the service quality of the Operator Partner. 3 is not responsible for the quality of the telecommunications service when Subscribers are in other countries.
      7. Subscribers may be charged for unsuccessful call-out because the tariff of Operator Partners may differ from one another.


    1. Handset
      1. Automatic network setting can change Operator Partner because the cellular phone will automatically be connected to the Operator with the strongest signal. As the result, promotional roaming tariff will no longer be valid as Subscribers use Operator Partner that is not on the promo list.
      2. Subscribers understand that network setting may be different from one cellular phone to another. Due to the different types of handset, 3 Customer Service may not be able to assist Subscribers effectively and Subscribers may have to look for information in the manual book or from the handset producer’s customer service. To avoid roaming tariff beyond the promotional package, Subscribers are advised to read International Tariff Tips related to mobile network setting.


    1. Internet dan BlackBerry
      1. Free quota/quota extra in the Internet package, Blackberry package or other domestic packages do not apply and cannot be used in other countries.
      2. Several applications in the cellular phone/Blackberry can be used to access the Internet/Blackberry services by being automatically connected to data/GPRS network. Any activity that uses Internet/Blackberry network in other countries is the responsibility of Subscribers even when the Subscribers are not using the cellular phone actively.
      3. The use of Internet and Blackberry services beyond promotional package will be charged with usage volume rounding-off applied by each Operator Partner.
      4. Tri will monitor the use of the Internet and Blackberry roaming service. If the usage exceeds fair usage that it affects service quality, Tri reserves the right to restrict or terminate the Internet/Blackberry service from time to time without any prior notification.


    1. Service Termination

      Tri berhak membatasi atau menghentikan layanan International Roaming 3Prabayar bahkan nomor 3Prabayar Pelanggan jika:

      1. Subscribers do not top up the credit according to existing provisions.
      2. It can be proven that Subscribers use the service for any act that violates the laws of the Republic of Indonesia or the country where Operator Partner is domiciled.
      3. Subscribers modify or interfere with the network, SIM card, or handset to access the services beyond the provisions, and losses incurred by H3I due to the results of violation from the Subscribers.
      4. Other requirements regulated in the terms and conditions of 3Postpaid services.


    1. Customer Service
      1. The information about 3Postpaid International Roaming service is available on or contact 3Care at 123, visit 3Store or contact +62 896 44000 123 from other countries.
      2. Subscribers acknowledge that incoming and outgoing calls from and to 3Care while in other countries will be charged with roaming tariff.

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