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  • Enjoy cheap Blackberry Roaming while abroad with Tri. Available in 50 countries and 5 continents, with more than 300 roaming network partners.



  • Before going abroad
    • Please make sure your Blackberry® is already active. Press  *123*6#  and wait for SMS confirmation
    • Please make sure the balance is sufficient based on your travel duration. Tariff is Rp 33.000/day.


     After arrival in destination country

    • When arrived in destination country,  join Tri roaming partner network 
    • If necessary, set a network selection manually to roaming partner
    • Deactivate data roaming setting if you don’t want to use Blackberry® roaming service.
    • Not applicable for Blackberry® 10 user (Z10, Q10, Q5, and BBM for Android dan iPhone).


    Terms & Conditions for Blackberry Roaming  

    • When using without APN Blackberry® (APN 3GPRS dan APN 3MMS), internet roaming promo tariff will apply (Rp 55.000 for 20MB/ day).




    Blackberry application Blackberry®. BBM, Yahoo Messenger for Blackberry®, Windows Live, Gtalk.

    Usage of Blackberry® as modem for laptop or PC, or as WiFi hotspot/mobile hotspot for other gadget.

    Push Email (Microsoft Exchange Mail, AOL® Mail, Windows Live™ Hotmail, Google Mail™, or Yahoo!® Mail).

    Streaming video and audio service such as YouTube, VuClip, website music, streaming video, radio, etc

    Internet browsing (Using APN BlackBerry®).

    Browsing use other browser than standard BlackBerry® Browser.


    Use BlackBerry® service with other handset than BlackBerry® handset (BlackBerry® Connect).


    Third party application: detikcom, UberSocial, e-trading, etc (if not using  BIS connection).


    Third party application (uberTwitter, UberSocial, Opera Mini, Beejive, Parlinggo, Nimbuzz, Foursquare, etc).


    • Blackberry roaming validity is based on to Blackberry local service and ended by 22.00 pm daily
    • Blackberry roaming service availability in overseas depend on Blackberry local service subscribed
    • When BlackBerry® local service validity is over, BlackBerry® roaming access will be automatically ended. 3Prepaid customer need to have sufficient balance for package renewal
    • BlackBerry® roaming quality and speed depend on capacity and service (2G/3G) from roaming partner network.
    • Use 3G handset for BlackBerry® roaming in Austria/Denmark/Sweeden/UK/Ireland/Japan & South Korea
    • BlackBerry® roaming unlimited promo and internet roaming 20MB/day is not available when roaming in AT&T Wireless Maritime Network (Cellular at Sea), display on screen 90118.


    Blackberry® tariff comparison (promo vs non promo operator)



    Promo Operator

    Rp 30.000/day

    Non- Promo


    Rp 300/kb, minimal usage 100kB/day/operator


  • Country and operator list for Blackberry Roaming promo service:


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