• Now with TTM (Telpon-Telponan Murah) you can call as long as you want for 24 hours to all Tri users, all over Indonesia.
    Get TTM dial *123*500# from your phone.


  • Your credits will be deducted by IDR 500 every package registration via *123*500#
    Moreover, enjoy this flat tariff:
    To All Indonesia 24 Hours New Tariff
    Call To Other OperatorRp. 880/minutes
    SMSRp.875/day (Enjoy 1.000 SMS to fellow Tri users and 30 SMS to other operators)

    *) Tariff includes VAT.

    1. What is TTM (Telpon-Telponan Murah)?
      Cheap call promo to fellow Tri user that you can use as long as you want until 12 PM.
    2. How to activate TTM service?
      Access *123# choose Nelpon++, then choose Nelpon Seharian, or via quick access *123*500#
    3. Is TTM service extend card validity period?
      No. Validity period will be based on existing cards validity period.
    4. What if I have an active Nelpon++ regular then I do activate TTM service?
      TTM service will be put to use first, and it will not deducted from Nelpon++ regular quota.
    5. Who can use TTM service?
      All Tri users in North Sumatera area, as follow:
      1. Binjai
      2. Kabanjahe
      3. Kisaran
      4. Medan
      5. Padang Sidempuan
      6. Pematang Siantar
      7. Rantau Prapat
      8. Sibolga
      9. Tanjung Balai
      10. Tebing Tinggi
    6. Is TTM service available for postpaid users?
      No, this service is only available for prepaid users.
    7. When will TTM service ends?
      The service validity period ends at 12 PM every day.
    8. What will happen if I do activate TTM service more than once in the same day?
      TTM service could only be activated once a day.
    9. What if I do activate TTM service at 11 PM?
      Calling quota will remain free, but the validity period will end at 12 PM at the same day. 
    10. Is this service can only be use by those who own Tri number from North Sumatra? What if there’s a Tri user with Tri number outside North Sumatra who stay for a while in North Sumatera area and wants to use it? 
      All Tri prepaid user who resides or located in North Sumatera area can use this service.
    11. Is automatic renewal applies? 
      No, automatic renewal will be stopped after 12 PM, and user have to do reactivation.
    12. How is calling plan priority for North Sumatera?
      • Monetary bucket
      • Telpon-Telponan Murah (24hours/day)
      • #UbahDenganBicara
      • Nelpon++
      • Regular balance
    13. How to check TTM validity?
      Please dial 123 from your Tri number

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