• Pop Games is a portal that provides tons of exciting games from all genres, such as action, adventure, strategy, and puzzle. These games are available and playable via internet access and using web browser from on smartphone, tablet or computer.

    There were hundreds of games available in Pop Games, such as: Paper Flick, Soccer Pro, Monster Truck,  Bubble Pop Adventure dan Sushi Challenge. Even some of them are exclusively available only in Pop Games. Like games adaptation from Falcon Picture movies: Warkop DKI Reborn, My Stupid Boss, Comic 8, etc.

    Pop Games also have a weekly games competition so you can get the chance to win cool and unique prizes.

    Another unique feature is a basic video games (Quiz Games) with amazing theme, cool prizes, and will be held every day (except on Friday). Quiz Games show from Pop Games will be supported by server from Amazone Web Service to provides a high quality games and secured access compared to other free web service server.

  • How to subscribes Pop Games

    Follow these steps, you can choose one that suits you best:

    1. Press/dial UMB *500*80# from your Tri number and follow the next steps.
    2. Access Pop Games website at http://popgames.com. When you choose access option pick Tri’s Logo and follow the next steps.
    1. What is Pop Games?
      Popgames is a portal that provides hundreds collection of web based games. There’s also unique feature like games competition, exclusive games, and video based games.
    2. Should we pay to play the games from Pop Games?
      Pop Games services have some free games that available to play. Subscribers will be charged when they want to play a non-free games. The data usage while playing games from Pop Games will be charged based on the applicable data rates.
    3. What is the available payment methods to access Pop Games?
      Subscribers can pay using Tri credits.
    4. Pop Games tariffs?
      There are two tariff options to access Pop Games:
      1. Pop Games 3 days package, IDR 4.400,-
      2. Pop Games 7 days package, IDR 8.800,-
      * including VAT
    5. How to find the available games to play?
      Subscribers can use ‘Search’ feature from menu button or search it manually from each games category.
    6. Is it the game on Pop Games downloadable?
      All games can only be played via online and not downloadable.
    7. How to play web based/online games?
      HTML5 games in Pop Games can be played using regular browser that supports HTML5 technology, such as: Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mobile (Not Opera Mini). Subscribers can choose one browser that compatible with your phone specification.
    8. What is the meaning of token request before playing the games?
      Token access code is neccesarily required to access Pop Games service by press/dial *500*80# from your phone. If you already registered previously, the token access request will be provided for free. If the token is expired, subscribers need to request another token. If you are not a registered member or your membership already expired, therefore you will be required to request another token. Input the token to the box in popgames.com using browser from smartphone, tablet, or computer.
    9. How to unsubscribes Pop Games?
      If you subscribed using Tri credits, therefore you can unsubscribe the service via SMS, by sending SMS: UNREG POP to 99677. Or via USSD, press /dial *500*80# choose ‘Info’ then choose ‘Stop’.
    10. Is there any number or address to contact when problem occured?
      Subscribers can contact Customer Service Pop Games at 021-7989808 or send an email to cs-popgames@falcon.co.id
      * under development

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