• For tablet users, this PakeTri is suitable for accessing and browsing the Internet anytime. Containing various Kuota++ with data quota that will not expire in a month and will be accumulated as long as the Internet/Tri card is still valid.
    With only Rp 150,000, get more value (Rp 180,000)
    • (2) Kuota++ Regular 1.25GB worth Rp 100,000
    • (2) Kuota++ Regular 700MB into 1GB worth Rp 70,000
    • (2) Kuota++ Regular 100MB worth Rp 10,000
    • Direct gift
  • PakeTri BIMA Tablet(4.7GB). With only Rp. 150,000, you'd get:

    ItemSatuanHarga Satuan (Rp)Total (Rp)
    Kuota++ Reguler 1.25GB250.000100.000
    Kuota++ Reguler 700MB (increase 1 GB)235.00070.000
    Kuota++ Reguler 100MB25.00010.000
    GET MORE VALUE + Ekstra Bima wristwatch  180.000


    PakeTri Tablet (4.25GB). With only Rp. 150,000, you'd get:

    ItemSatuanHarga Satuan (Rp)Total (Rp)
    Voucher 3GB++1100.000100.000
    Voucher 1.25GB++150.00050.000
    GET MORE VALUE + Ekstra Mini Speaker  150.000
    PakeTri Tablet 2 (4.7GB). With only Rp. 150,000, you'd get:
    ItemSatuanHarga Satuan (Rp)Total (Rp)
    Voucher 1.25GB++250.000100.000
    Voucher 700MB++ (menjadi 1GB)235.00070.000
    Voucher 100MB++25.00010.000
    GET MORE VALUE + Extra USB 4GB  180.000


  • 1. Is PakeTri Tablet applicable for any Tablet?
    Yes. PakeTri Tablet is data quota top-up that can be applied into any type of Tablet. 
    2. Can PakeTri Tablet be used for other gadgets?
    Yes. PakeTri Tablet contains various Kuota++ vouchers that can increase your data quota in any gadget. The data quota will not expire in a month and it will be accumulated while your Internet/Tri card is valid. 
    3. What are the differences between this PakeTri and individual Kuota++ top-up? 
    PakeTri top-up is more economical than individual Kuota ++ top-up because it gives you more than what you pay for. 
    • Bigger quota than what you pay for.
    • Longer usage period, within the validity period of your Internet/Tri card.
    • The quota will not expire in a month; it will be accumulated following the long validity period of your Tri card. 
    • Extra direct gift
    4. What does ‘get more value than what you pay for’ mean?
    Purchasing PakeTri is more economical than buying individual Kuota++ voucher, plus you’d get direct gift.
    5. Of the various vouchers inside the same PakeTri package, can one of them be used for another smartphone?
    Yes. Kuota++ Regular 1.25GB voucher, for example, is used for Tablet A, and another Kuota++ Regular 1.25GB voucher is used for Tablet/smartphone B.
    6. What is Kuota++? 
    Kuota++ is data quota top-up that can be used for Internet access anytime. The usage period of Kuota++ is longer, following the validity period of your Internet/Tri card, and the quota will always be accumulated. It means that the data quota will not expire in a month.


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