• Especially for you Blackberry users
    PakeTri BlackBerry® will make it more fun to use BlackBerry®! With BlackBerry® Full Service, you can use the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), chat, use e-mail, browse the Internet, and use other applications. 
    Using BlackBerry® has never been this fun!



    PakeTri Blackberry Buy 1 Get 1 Free. With only Rp. 30,000, you'd get:

    ItemSatuanHarga Satuan (RP)Total (RP)
    Blackberry Voucher for 7 days230.00060.000


    1. Can we immediately do top-up with the voucher inside Paketri Blackberry package?
      • The voucher is still locked. 3Store/outlet must unlock it with certain code.
      • Once the voucher is active, you can use the voucher.
    2. What if the voucher is still locked?
      • Return it to the 3Store/outlet to be unlocked.
      • Once it is active, try topping up with the voucher again.
    3. What will happen if we top up with BlackBerry®Full Service voucher?
      You will get BlackBerry® Full Service for 1 week (7 days) since the voucher activated. By activating the voucher, you will get full access to email, chat, Internet browsing, BBM and applications all day.
    4. What does “PakeTri Blackberry® buy 1, get 1” free package consist of?
      It consists of two vouchers of BlackBerry®  Full Service for weekly use.
    5. How much does PakeTri Blackberry® cost?
      It is Rp 30,000
    6. Can the voucher be used by any subscriber of BlackBerry®Tri?
      This voucher can only be used by 3Prabayar (prepaid) subscribers.
    7. Can PakeTri Blackberry package be used on any Tri SIM card?
      Yes, it can be used by any Tri SIM card, such as Jagoan Internet++, AlwaysON, Cengli, etc.
    8. What if a subscriber has previously been registered as BlackBerry®Tri user through text message or USSD (*123#) and she wants to use the BlackBerry® voucher?
      • Subscriber that has subscribed to any service of BlackBerry® Tri Service/Lite/Gaul) by registering through text message or USSD (*123#) must unregister first according to the existing BlackBerry®
      • For BB Full BIS, type UNREG(space)BB or UNREG(space)BB1 or UNREG(space)BB2 or UNREG(space)BB3, and send it to 234.
      • For BB GAUL, type UNREG(space)GAUL or UNREG(space)GAUL1 or UNREG(space)GAUL2, and send it to 234.
      • For BB MAIL, type UNREG(space)MAIL or UNREG(space)MAIL1 or UNREG(space)MAIL2, and send it to 234.
    9. What if a subscriber who has subscribed to BlackBerry®Tri through text message or USSD (*123#) FORGET to unregister, but does top-up with BlackBerry® voucher?
      • After topping up, you will get a notification asking you to unregister first.
      • Afterward, you can use the voucher code to do top-up.
    10. What will happen if a subscriber activates more than one voucher of BlackBerry® weekly Full Service on the same day or different days?
      The validity period will be extended. For example: when a subscriber tops up with BlackBerry® voucher on January 1, and you do it again on January 3, then:
       First top-up Second top-up             
      Valid Period of 1 Top-up                
      Valid Period of 2 Top-up                


    11. For BlackBerry® voucher subscribers, will there be an auto renewal process for the validity period?

      No. Service will be terminated after the validity period ends.

    12. Can BlackBerry® voucher users unregister straight from the service?
      No. Service will be terminated after the validity period ends.
    13. What if a subscriber that has subscribed to Blackberry® voucher and then register for Blackberry®Tri service through SMS or USSD (*123#)?
      • Subscribers who have activated BlackBerry® voucher service cannot register for other BlackBerry® packages if the voucher is still active.
      • Subscribers can only register for BlackBerry® packages through text message or USSD (*123#) if the BlackBerry® voucher has expired.
      • Subscribers will receive notifying text after registering through text message or USSD (*123#).
    14. When can we get PakeTri Blackberry?
      At 3store/outlet.

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