PakeTri top-up package is more economical than individual Kuota++/Nelpon++/SMS++ because it gives you more values than what you pay for.
  • Higher quota than what you pay for.
  • Longer usage period, as long as the Internet/Tri card is valid.
  • The quota will not expire and will be accumulated following the prolonged usage period of your Tri card. 
  • Direct gift


Various options of PakeTri suitable for your need:
Choose the PakeTri package that is most suitable for your gadget (PakeTri Modem, Tablet, Smartphone, Blackberry) or for your communications need (PakeTri Anak Sekolahan, Anak Kuliah, Paketri Hello, Paketri Cengli). 
Inside the package are various vouchers (Kuota++, Nelpon++ and SMS++) to increase the data/minutes/text messages with the usage period in line with the validity period of your Tri card/Internet service. 
Your Tri card is like a car and PakeTri is the type of gasoline that can be used accordingly.

PakeTri Horas

Special for you in North Sumatera area, enjoy more convenience for your Internet activity with PakeTri Horas plus ekstra TTM (Telpon-Telponan Murah) to all Tri users all over Indonesia.

PakeTri Hello.

PakeTri Hello is Tri top-up package for all subscribers.

PakeTri Cengli.

Paketri Cengli is credit top-up package for subscribers of Perdana Cengli SIM card that gives added value.

PakeTri Anak Kuliahan.

For university students who like to stay up late and wish to always be updated. You also love to download music/film/book from your favorite sites, watch YouTube, access 4shared, Torrent, RapidShare, etc.

PakeTri BlackBerry

PakeTri BlackBerry® will make it more fun to use BlackBerry®! With BlackBerry® Full Service, you can use the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), chat, use e-mail, browse the Internet, and use other applications.

PakeTri Modem

It is suitable for laptop users who need big quota for maximum satisfaction while accessing the Internet and downloading files anytime. With Super Big quota of 10GB minimum, you won’t have to worry about running out of quota. Moreover, the data quota will not expire in a month and will be accumulated as long as your Internet/Tri card is still valid.

PakeTri Tablet

For tablet users, this PakeTri is suitable for accessing and browsing the Internet anytime. Containing various Kuota++ with data quota that will not expire in a month and will be accumulated as long as the Internet/Tri card is still valid.