• Now you can call to 3 billion people with no hassle.
    Now Paket Bebas Bicara is available to call to any local and international operators with affordable price.
    Paket Bebas Bicara service which had been activated since June 16, 2016 can be used to call to these countries abroad: Singapore, United States, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Thailand.
    You can make international call with following ways:
    vTo call mobile number: 01088 + Country Code + Phone Number
    To call fixed line number: 01088 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number
  • Choose Paket Bebas Bicara that suites your needs:

    20 Min7 dayRp 5.000Buy
    60 Min30 daysRp 15.000Buy
    150 Min30 daysRp 30.000Buy
    250 Min30 daysRp 50.000Buy
    *Terms and conditions aplly.
    *Including 10% VAT


    1. Minute quota is fixed apply during the package’s validity period and will not be reload everyday. For example in 40 minutes package, customer can enjoy 40 minutes for 7 days, instead of 40 minutes per day x 7 days.
    2. Paket Bebas Bicara apply for 24 hours call to all local and international operators.
    3. Paket Bebas Bicara 7 and 30 days is available for subscription, it will be automatically renewed after the package’s validity period ended and when credit is sufficient.
  • Activate Paket Bebas Bicara through one the following ways
    • Via *123*5*1# from your phone
    • Via SMS to 123


    Via *123*5*1#:
    1. Dial *123#
    2. Choose menu “Nelpon” (number 5)
    3. Choose “Mau” (number 1)
    Via SMS
    Follow the service activation/deactivation code according to the table below
    • To activate, type in the code according to the Activation column and send to 123
    • To deactivate the service, type in code according to the Stop column and send to 123
      Minute QuotaValidity PeriodPriceActivationStop
      15 Min1 DayIDR 2.500MAU(spasi)ANYNET2cSTOP(spasi)ANYNET2c
      40 Min7 DaysIDR 5.000MAU(spasi)ANYNET3cSTOP(spasi)ANYNET3c
      120 Min30 DaysIDR 15.000MAU(spasi)ANYNET4cSTOP(spasi)ANYNET4c
      250 Min30 DaysIDR 30.000MAU(spasi)ANYNET5cSTOP(spasi)ANYNET5c


    1. What is Paket Bebas Bicara?
      • Paket Bebas Bicara is a new call plan from Tri that can be used by Tri users all over Indonesia to call to all operators including Tri, Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Smartfren and Telkom (fixed line).
      • Paket Bebas Bicara can also be used to call abroad.
      • You can only use Paket Bebas Bicara to call to mobile number or fixed line (PSTN) in India, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA and Thailand (the terms for international call of PakerBebasBicaramay change at any time according to the policy from TRI).
      • Paket Bebas Bicara can not be used to make call to premium numbers.
    2. What are the options on Paket Bebas Bicara?
      There are 4 package options:
      1. 1. Paket Bebas Bicara 15 minutes that can be used for 1 day since the activation. Package price is IDR 2.500 (including VAT).
      2. 2. Paket Bebas Bicara 40 minutes that can be used for 7 day since the activation. Package price is IDR 5.000 (including VAT).
      3. 3. Paket Bebas Bicara 120 minutes that can be used for 30 day since the activation. Package price is IDR 15.000 (including VAT).
      4. 4. Paket Bebas Bicara 250 minutes that can be used for 30 day since the activation. Package price is IDR 30.000 (including VAT).
    3. Does the minute quota available to use for 24 hours?
      The minute quota of Paket Bebas Bicara is available to use for call to all operator for 24 hours or any unlimited hours.
    4. How to buy Paket Bebas Bicara?
      i. Dial *123*5*1#, or dial *123# and choose menu 1, then choose 1 again to but the 40 minutes 7 days or choose other package.
      ii. Via SMS
      • MAU(space)ANYNET2c - 15 minutes, 1 day, IDR 2.500
      • MAU(space)ANYNET3c - 40 minutes, 7 days, IDR5,000
      • MAU(space)ANYNET4c - 120 minutes, 30 days, IDR15.000
      • MAU(space)ANYNET5c - 250 minutes, 30 days, IDR30.000
    5. Does all Tri number can use Paket Bebas Bicara?
      Yes. Paket Bebas Bicara can be activated for all Tri prepaid customers and from any starter pack/call plan (Janet, Get More, Pacuan, Jatim, dll)
    6. What if I activate Paket Bebas Bicara while the other PakeTri is still active?
      • The validity period of the new package will apply.
      • The remaining talk (minute) quota will be accumulated to the new package’s minute wuota.
      • For example: On June 1, 2016 customer bought Paket Bebas Bicara 7 days, 40 minutes for IDR 5.000 valid for June 7, 2016. On June 3 , 2016 customer’s remaining minute quota is 5 minutes and then customer bought another Paket Bebas Bicara 1 day, 15 minutes for IDR 2.500. Then the customer’s remaining minute quota will be added to 20 minutes (5 minutes from the rest of PaketBebasBicara7 days plus 15 minutes from PaketBebas 1 day). Package validity extended from June 7, 2016 to June 3, 2016 at 23.59.
    7. Paket Bebas Bicara is available for subscribing, except when you bought it from retailer. What does subscribing refer to?
      • Subscribing means when the package validity period ends, package will be extended automatically when credit is sufficient.
      • Subscribing scheme apply if customer buy the package through USSD and when the credit is sufficient, the package will be automatically extended when the validity period has ended.
      • This term does not apply for PaketBicara 1 day.
    8. Does the subscribing scheme apply if I bought the package from retailer?
      Starting from May 25, 2016, Paket Bebas Bicara that is bought from retailer will not be included in subscribing scheme (not automatically extended).
    9. How to unsubscribe the package?
      Via *123*5*1#, choose menu 5 ("Stop Bebas Bicara") or via SMS:
      • STOP(spasi)ANYNET2c  15 minutes, 1 day, IDR 2.500
      • STOP(spasi)ANYNET3c  40 minutes, 7 days, IDR 5.000
      • STOP(spasi)ANYNET4c  120 minutes, 30 daysIDR 15.000
      • STOP(spasi)ANYNET5c  250 minutes, 30 days, IDR 30.000
    10. When will this Paket Bebas Bicara ends?
      Paket Bebas Bicara will be available to buy starting from 21 April 2016 and will be unlimited. Paket Bebas Bicara for calling abroad will be available and ready to use fromJune 16, 2016. Tri will make prior notice before any changes.
    11. What if my minute quota in Paket Bebas Bicara run out?
      Telephone usage will consume other call plan (i.e. Nelpon++) or call extra quota (i.e. call extra from SPV Kuota++) or the main credit (according to base tariff of each cal plan).
    12. Can I use credit extra from SP Jatim to buy this package?
      No, you can only buy Paket Bebas Bicara with main credit.
    13. How to check my minute quota balance?
      Check it via SMS, typeINFO(space)BEBASBICARA send to 123. Or via *123*2*2#, choose menu 4. "KuotaNelpon", chooese 3. "BEBAS Bicara (to all operators)"
    14. Will minute quota realoded everyday? For example if I buy Paket Bebas Bicara 40 minutes for 7 days, will I get 60 minutes everyday for 7 days?
      Quota minutes will remain the same as long as the validity period remains. For example, for 40 days package, apply for 7 days since the activation, then customer can enjoy 40 minutes of the quota for 7 days not 40 minutes per day x 7 days.
    15. To which country can I call with Paket Bebas Bicara?
      You can use it in: India (+91), Singapore (+65), China (+86), Malaysia (+60), USA (+1), Hong Kong (+852) dan Thailand (+66). The list of countries can be added or lessen according to the running promo and prior notice.
    16. How to call abroad with Paket Bebas Bicara?
      Dial 01088 + country code + phone number (to call to mobile number).
      Dial 01088 + country code+ area code + phone number (to call to fixed line).
    17. Can I use Paket Bebas Bicara when I am abroad?
      No. Paket Bebas Bicara can only be used when you are in Indonesia to call to abroad. If you are abroad then the tariff applies is roaming tariff.
    18. Does Paket Bebas Bicara can be used to call to mobile number and abroad PTSN?
      Yes it can. But it does not apply for premium number like call center.
    19. If I have VOIP Nelpon ke Luar Negeri package, which package will be deducted when I call to abroad?
      Paket Bebas Bicara will be deducted first, the VOIP package.
    20. What will happen with my VOIP Nelpon Ke Luar Negeri Package validity period if I activate Paket Bebas Bicara, will the validity period of VOIP Ke Luar Negeri Package be added to Paket Bebas Bicara validity period?

      Each package’s validity period will not be change and will not be added. For example: if the customer subscribe to Paket Nelpon Murah Asia and Australia Zone for 7 days, and added Paket Bebas Bicara 30 days, the validity period of Paket Nelpon Murah will still be 7 days and Paket Bebas Bicara 30 days will not be 37 days.

    21. Is there any FUP for Paket Bebas Bicara?
      No there is no FUP for Paket Bebas Bicara. However for Paket Mania Bicara there will be FUP for minimum 60 minutes per day counting from June 23, 2016.

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