How To
Term & Condition
  • It’s so easy to top up your credit/quota and pay the bill on Tri website anytime, anywhere! 
    To purchase the package, just click one of the packages as you wish, click ‘Buy’ and follow the next instructions.
    To pay the bill, choose the menu Indie+ - How to Pay or Postpaid – Payment Method, click ‘Pay’ and follow the next instructions.  
    You can also buy the package for your family, friends or relatives.
    1. Can anyone pay the package/credit and pay the bill on the website tri.co.id?

      Yes, anyone can buy the package/credit and pay the bill at the website.

    2. What are the packages available for purchase on tri.co.id?
    3. What kind of bills that can be paid on tri.co.id?
      You can pay Indie+ or Postpaid Bills.
    4. Can I buy any credit denomination?
      No. The minimum purchase is Rp 20,000 credit.
    5. What if I haven’t yet subscribed to Tri and I want to buy the package/credit?

      Choose the package/credit, and pick the payment method other then credit. Enter the destination number (it has to be Tri number) and follow the next instruction.

    6. What are the payment methods used?
      • Credit from your Tri card
      • Credit or Debit card with the logo Visa/Master
      • Mandiri KlikPay
      • BCA ClickPay
      • CIMB Clicks
    7. Why are there differences in payment method for certain the package/credit with certain prices?
      It is for your convenience. The payment method has been adjusted with the package/credit of your choice.
    8. What is the minimum price for each payment method?
      Rp 1.000 - Rp 14.000v  
      Rp 15.000 - Rp 49.000vv 
      >= Rp 50.000vvv
    9. I was asked to login when I choose the payment method. Which user name and password should I use?
      You have to use MyTri login. Enter the registered phone number and password.
    10. What if I haven’t got the MyTri login?
      You can use the menu OTP (One Time Password). Enter your Tri number and click the button “Send OTP code”, and wait for the text message from “3”. After receiving the text, enter the OTP code and click “Login”.
    11. What is OTP (One Time Password)?
      • One Time Password (OTP) is a 5-digit random code that is used as password and is sent to your Tri number through text message.
      • OTP can only be used once before conducting online transaction, to replace the login with MyTri account.
    12. Does OTP code have expiry period?
      Yes. You have about 5 minutes to enter the code. Otherwise, you have to click the button “Send OTP code” again.
    13. What does the option “Change Number” mean when purchasing a package/credit?
      When you open the website tri.co.id and use your Tri number to connect to the Internet, our system will automatically detect the number. You can proceed with the purchase, or you can change the number. If you choose the latter, Login page will appear.
    14. For the payment method using Visa/Master, there are the buttons “Enter” and “Proceed.” What are the differences?
      When paying with Visa/Master Credit Card, you have to input the credit card information, and then click “Proceed” and the information will not be restored. However, for your convenience, the credit card information can be registered by login with your Tri number. After the registration, you won’t need to input the information again.
    15. What kind of credit card can I use?
      Any credit card with Visa or Master logo that is issued by Indonesian banks or foreign banks.
    16. What are other payment methods?
      Mandiri KlikPay, BCA ClickPay or CIMB Clicks. But you have to set up the account at each bank.
    17. Can debit card with Visa/Master logo be used?
      At the moment, not every bank provides online transaction service with debit card. Tri users are advised to check with their banks.
    18. Which debit card that can be used for online transaction?
      Online transaction for Tri can use debit cards from Bank Mandiri, BNI and CIMB Niaga.
    19. How to enable my debit card to be used for online transaction?
      It depends on the policy of each bank. Tri users are advised to contact the banks.
    20. How to do online transaction on Tri with Debit Card with Visa/Master logo?
      After choosing the package/credit, choose payment method "Credit/Debit Visa/Master", and follow the next instructions.
  • Top up on Tri Website

    Go to Tri website www.tri.co.id that can be accessed from Tri number,
    operators and any device.

    Choose the amount of credit or quota.

    Choose the payment method, and follow the instructions according to the
    chosen method.
    You can purchase credit or quota for other people’s Tri numbers. Enter the number at the available column.
    Login when necessary (using MyTri account or OTP).

    Use One Time Password (OTP) if you don’t have MyTri account.

    How to use OTP:

    • Enter your Tri number.
    • Click "Request Code".
    • Wait for the text message containing your password.
    • Enter the code.
    • Click login.

    For confirmation, enter the code and click ‘buy’.

    Status. The credit will be added to your number, and the transaction completed.


  • Terms and Conditions for Online Purchase/Top-up


    1. To improve the service for its subscribers (“Subscribers”), PT Hutchison 3 Indonesia (“H3I”) through its website http://tri.co.id provide online credit package purchase or prepaid credit top-up (“Online Top-Up Service”);
    2. Online Top-up Service enables Subscribers to top up the credit using: (i) credit card with Visa or Mastercard logo; and (ii) BCA Klikpay, Mandiri Clickpay and CIMB Click electronic payment services (“Means of Payment”). For that purpose, H3I has cooperated with Online Top-Up Service providers and other related parties to provide Online Top-Up Service to Subscribers;
    3. For the implementation of the Online Top-Up Service, Subscribers have to abide by the following terms and conditions:
    1. Subscribers are responsible for purchase transaction through Online Top-Up Service and declare that any information and data inserted during the prepaid credit purchase using the Means of Payment is true, and Subscribers hold harmless H3I from any possible lawsuits, charges and losses incurred by Subscribers or any other party, in any form, related to the purchase of prepaid credit at Online Top-Up Service;
    2. Transaction that has been confirmed and conducted by Subscribers at Online Top-Up Service cannot be cancelled for any reason and the transaction shall be processed according to the data inputted by Subscribers;
    3. Subscribers take full responsibilities over any information and data from the Means of Payment inputted by Subscribers when purchasing credit at Online Top-Up Service;
    4. Subscribers guarantee and take full responsibilities over the use of Online Top-Up Service, including but not limited to any risk and/or losses incurred due to the results of misuse by Subscribers and/or third parties for any reason and/or cause resulted directly or indirectly from the use of Online Top-Up Service;
    5. Subscribers declare and guarantee that the data inputted during the purchase are true, accurate and complete, and that the information given is true and owned by Subscribers;
    6. Subscribers agree to free and hold harmless H3I from any lawsuit, chargesand/or losses incurred by any party related to the negligence of Subscribers in meeting the terms and conditions of Online Top-Up Service;
    7. Subscribers are responsible for their Means of Payment to avoid losses or damage, and to avoid misuse or counterfeit by other parties. Subscribers acknowledge and approve that H3I cannot hold accountable by Subscribers or any other party for anything that happens beyond the mistakes or negligence of H3I, including but not limited to:
      • The loss or damage of the Means of Payment and or any information or data on online purchase service platform owned by Subscribers;
      • The credit card and/or the data about online purchase service platform used by Subscribers are fake; and
      • Any losses resulted from the use of credit card and/or the data about online purchase service platform of Subscribers that indicate legal violation and/or misuse by unauthorized party.
    8. Subscribers herewith declare and guarantee that they understand and approve the Terms and Conditions of Online Top-Up Service.
  • AlwaysON Sim Card:

    Sim CardPrice (RP)
    AON 12 month50.000Buy
    AON 6 month35.000Buy
    AON 1month10.000Buy


    Credit Top-up :

    VOUCHER (RP)Physical VOUCHERElectronic VOUCHERPrice (RP)
    3.000 - 4.900*  ✓ 
    5.000 ✓ 
    5.000 - 9.900*  
    10.000 ✓ 
    25.000 25.000Buy
    30.000 ✓30.000
    40.000 40.000
    50.000 ✓50.000Buy
    75.000  ✓75.000Buy
    100.000 ✓100.000Buy
    150.000 150.000Buy
    300.000 300.000Buy
    500.000 500.000Buy


    Nelpon++ Top-up:

    VOUCHERQuota (Minute)Price (RP)

    Nelpon++ to fellow Tri user





    Nelpon++ to other operator






    SMS++ Top-up:


    SMS++ to fellow Tri user

    500 text messages


    1250 text messages


    4000 text messages


    10.000 text messages



    SMS++ ke operator lain

    250 text messages


    1000 text messages



    Daily Top-up:

    PackageQuotaExpiryPrice (Rp)
    Daily Internet500 MB12 a.m.5.000Buy
    Daily Internet1 GB3 days (12 a.m.)10.000Buy
    Daily Internet5 GB7 days (12 a.m.)50.000Buy


    Paketan++ Netmax :

    Kuota++ 500MBBuy
    Kuota++ Kendo NetMax 5GB
    Kuota++ 2GBBuy
    Kuota++ Kendo NetMax 5GB


    Add On Data - AlwaysON :

    Always On 1 month10.000Buy
    Always On 6 month35.000Buy
    Always On 12 month50.000Buy


    Add On Data - Kuota++ :

    Data Kuota ++20 MB2.000Buy
    Data Kuota ++35 MB3.000Buy
    Data Kuota ++80 MB5.000Buy
    Data Kuota ++135 MB7.000Buy
    Data Kuota ++300 MB10.000Buy
    Data Kuota ++650 MB20.000Buy
    Data Kuota ++1.25 GB33.000Buy
    Data Kuota ++2 GB45.000Buy
    Data Kuota ++4.25 GB85.000Buy
    Data Kuota ++9 GB150.000Buy
    Data Kuota ++ Kenyang Download500 MB7.500Buy
    Data Kuota ++ Kenyang Download2,5 GB20.000Buy
    Data Kuota ++ Kenyang Download10 GB65.000Buy
    Paket Chatting SebulanWhatsApp, LINE, KakaoTalk, WeChat, BBM5.000Buy
    Nelpon ++ ke sesama Tri100 Menit5.000Buy
    Nelpon ++ ke operator lain25 Menit10.000Buy
    SMS ++ ke sesama Tri500 SMS5.000Buy
    SMS ++ ke operator lain250 SMS10.000Buy


    Add On Data - Data Pakcage:

    Data 500 MB35.000Buy
    Data 1GB 50.000Buy
    Data 2GB75.000Buy
    Data 5GB 125.000Buy


    Add On Data - Opera Mini :

    PackageQuotaVALIDITY (Days)Price (RP)
    Opera Mini BrowsingUnlimited3049.000Buy


    Add On Blackberry :

    PackageSubscription PeriodeHow to Subscribe (Send to 234)Price (RP)
    Full BISMonthlyREG(space)BB89.900/monthBuy


    Add On Cheap International Phone Calls :

    ZONeContryQuota (Minutes)VAlidityTARIFf

    Asia & Australia

    Singapore (+65), China (+86), Thailand (+66), Malaysia (+60), Hong Kong (+852), South Korea (+82), Japan (+81), India (+91), Australia (+61)50030 DaysRp. 99.000
    2507 DaysRp 55.000

    USA & Europe

    Canada (+1), USA (+1), Great Britain (+44), The Netherland (+31)50030 DaysRp 55.000
    2507 DaysRp. 33.000


    Roaming Prabayar - Add On - Paket Internet Roaming Asia, Amerika, Kanada, dan Eropa Zona 1

    Paket Internet Roaming 150MB berlaku 1 hari Rp 149 ribu


    Paket Internet Roaming 250MB berlaku 3 hari Rp 249 ribu



    Roaming Prabayar - Add On - Paket Internet Roaming Australia, Salendia Baru, Taiwan dan Eropa Zona 2


    Paket Internet Roaming 1GB berlaku 5 hari Rp 149 ribu


    Paket Internet Roaming 1.5GB berlaku 7 hari Rp 249 ribu



    Prepaid Roaming - Tri Ibadah

    Roaming Internet 3GB - 30 Days Rp 149.000Buy
    Roaming Internet 2GB - 9 Days Rp 77.000Buy