• Nelpon++ is minute top-up to call fellow Tri card users or other operators. The usage is longer, which is as long as the Internet/Tri card is valid, with accumulated phone minutes. Nelpon++ can be used for any Tri SIM card.

    Nelpon++ is available in two options:

    1. Nelpon++  to fellow Tri card users.
    2. Nelpon++ to other operators.

    Nelpon++ is available:

    • In the form of physical voucher at outlets and 3Store
    • Via BimaTri Application
    • Via your cellphone by pressing *123#, then choose Nelpon++.
    • Via http://my.tri.co.id
  • VoucherKuota (Menit)Harga (Rp)

    Nelpon++ to fellow Tri card users





    Nelpon++ to other operators





    *Validity follows data service validity

  • 1. What is Nelpon++?
    Nelpon++ is minute top-up that will never expire and will be accumulated as long as the Internet/Tri card is valid.
    2. When can Nelpon++ be used?
    Nelpon++ can be used anytime.
    3. Can any SIM card be topped up with Nelpon++?
    Nelpon++ can be topped up from AlwaysOn, Indie+, Jumbo, Jagoan Internet++, and BlackBerry® SIM cards. Nelpon++ can also be topped up from other SIM cards as long as it has previously subscribed to Internet service.
    4. What about other SIM cards like Perdana Jagoan Internet, MU, 3x?
    Before topping up Nelpon++, buy AlwaysOn SIM Cards with validity period of one, six or 12 months to first get Internet service.
    5. Can we top up Nelpon++ more than once in a day?
    Yes, and the minutes will be accumulated from every location (Tri card or other operators).
    6. When will the validity period of Nelpon++ end?
    Nelpon++ will not expire as long as the Internet/Tri card is still valid.
    7. What will happen if I top up Nelpon++ to fellow Tri card users and Nelpon++ to other Operators?
    The quota will be used from each allocation (Tri card or other Operators).
    8. If we top up Nelpon++, will it automatically be renewed when the Internet service’s validity period ends?
    There is no auto-renewal process for Nelpon++ when the validity period of the Internet service ends or the minute runs out.
    9. Can Nelpon++ to Tri Card be used to call other Operators and vice versa?
    No, it has to be used according to its allocation (Tri card or other Operators).
    10. How to check the quota after topping up Nelpon ++?
    Press *123*1# from your phone and press 3 for
    11. Where can I get Nelpon++?
    By pressing *123# on your phone, via BimaTri Application or at the nearest outlets.

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