International Call per Minute

Flat tariff only Rp 4,500/minute for premium quality international call to 31 countries!

Premium Call 3+1

Now you can have premium quality international call to 31 countries, more affordable with promo 3+1 Minute!

Luar Negeri Per Nelpon

Start from Rp 1000 (include VAT), you can call to 12 favorite countries as much as you like!

International Phone Calls

Enjoy various options of complete international communication service provided for Tri subscribers to make international phone calls

Text Message to Other Countries

No need phone calls. With Tri, you can exchange news with families and friends in other countries with International Text Messages from Tri. Tariff starting Rp 500-Rp 1,000 per text.

MMS to Other Countries

Exchanging stories is not limited to words and voices in this multimedia era. Use International MMS service from Tri to send pictures and videos to families and friends across the globe with the tariff of Rp 3,000 per 100 KB (excluding VAT).