• Tri Playport is a gateway to digital content vouchers at reasonable price. Here you can find any kinds discount vouchers to support your digital lifestyle.

    Here are some available vouchers:

    • KlikFilm 30 days : Service that provides quality Indonesian movies that you can enjoy for 30 days full.
    • Steam Games: Games portal with variety of quality games from Steam (
  • 1.    Is the service provided by Playport will be automatically extended?

    No, all service in Tri Playport will not be automatically extended. If you want to extend the service you can repurchase the voucher at Tri Playport or subscribe directly for the service.

    2.    How to subscribe to KlikFilm?

    Send SMS of the keyword REG FILM ke 99677 to subscribe to KlikFilm (tariff IDR 4400/3 days) and this service will be automatically extended.

    3.    How to unsubscribe from KlikFilm?

    Send SMS of the keyword UNREG FILM to 99677

    4.    How does the Steam voucher works?

    You can use Steam voucher to reload your Steam Wallet, which you can use to buy Steam games or items in Steam games that you are playing with. Access Steam Wallet at

    5.    Is there other voucher denomination for Steam?

    For now, the only available voucher denomination in Tri Playport is IDR 45.000.

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