• E-Billing is Tri service billing in a PDF format that will be sent to postpaid customers' email address.
    We have innovated to provide better E-Bill display in a more interactive, clear and detailed PDF format. We also add usage infographic that will enable customers to easily evaluate their usage.
    1. What is E-Bill?
      E-Billing is Tri service billing in a PDF format that will be sent to postpaid customers' email address.
    2. How do I subscribe to E-Billing?
      New Customer: You just need to enclose your email address while applying for 3Postpaid number.
      Existing Customer:
      • Contacting 3Care in 123 from your Tri number or email to  3care@three.co.id
      • Register from BimaTri application.
    3. Which customer can subscribe to E-Bill?
      All 3Postpaid customers except the Corporate customers with billing that paid by the company.
    4. After I register to E-Bill, when will I get the email of my billing?
      E-Bill will apply on the next billing period. Please make sure that the email being registered is correct, and also save every email from 3Care to avoid spams.
    5. Do I have to pay for E-Bill?
    6. Can I request for my E-Bill to be resend?
      Yes, customer can request E-Bill of particular month from BimaTri application or by contacting 3Care.
    7. Can customers change their email address?
      Yes, via BimaTri application, they can change the email address same way as their register for E-Bill.
      Note: change will apply on the next billing period.
    8. After I register for E-Bill, can I change back to the regular billing via mail/post?
      No, you cannot. Because starting from January, all postpaid billing will be send via email.
    9. What is the advantage of E-Billing format?
      1. Costless
      2. Call detail is included
      3. Interactive format and easier access
      4. Few features enable usage characterization.
      5. What will happen if customers have not registered their email address after January 2017?
        The customers that haven't registered their email address will not get their billing, unless they visit 3Store or immediately register their email address.
    10. Switch to 3Postpaid E-Billing to participate in environment reservation by reducing paper consumption.

      Starting March 2017, we will not send 3Postpaid billing in physical form.
      Summary invoices will be sent via SMS or can be viewed at BimaTri.
      For detailed billing information can be accessed via E-Billing.

      Immediately register your details below. Please insert your full name, date & place of birth, and mother’s name in accordance with the data on your 3Postpaid registration.

    11. 1. Page PROFILE, click on Email

      2. Input your email address, click Register.
      3. Click OK to confirm
      4. DONE!
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