• Suitable for Tablet and Mifi/Modem users. With only Rp 75,000/month you’d get 3GB data extra per month that can be used for Internet (including streaming and downloading) with maximum speed of 14.4 Mbps for 24 hours.

  • Apart from internet access, this Data Plan Package can be used for phone calls and text messages with competitive price. The basic tariff is as follow:


    Voice Call/minutesTarif (Rp/min)
    text message Tarif (Rp/text)
    DataTarif (Rp/kb)


  • 1. What is Data Plan Package?
    Data Plan Package is a package for Tablet or Mifi/Modem users, with monthly data extra that can immediately be enjoyed after being activated without having to buy additional data package.

    2. How much is this Data Plan Package?
    With only Rp 75,000 per month, you can get the package with monthly data extra of 3GB.

    3. What are the benefits of this package?
    Data extra of 3GB/month that can be used to access the Internet (including video streaming and download). The maximum downloading speed of 14.4 Mbps can be only be obtained from this data package.

    4. Does the tariff already include tax?
    The tariff excludes 10% VAT.

    5. Is this package applicable for other services beyond Data?
    Yes. Apart from monthly extra data package, you can make voice call and send text message with competitive tariff.

    6. What if I still have data extra? Will it be accumulated to the next month?
    The Internet quota given for tht month cannot be accumulated to the next. In the beginning of the billing periode, the data quota will be renewed.

    7. What about my credit limit?
    The credit limit will automatically be renewed in the beginning of billing period without having to pay first.

    8. Can I switch to other Call Plans?
    No, you cannot.

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