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  • With Cengli SIM card, get multiple Rp 5,000 bonuses within 30 days to access the Internet for 24 hours.
    You’d get Internet credit bonus that will be accumulated as followed:
    DATE1 Mar2 Mar3 Mar4 MarAs of 30 Mar

    Perdana Cengli Internet Credit
    (1 Maret-30 Maret)






    Total bonus pulsa internet Terakumulasi






    What you will get:  
    • Internet credit bonus of Rp 5,000 every day for 30 days, to access Internet for 24 hours. 
    • Accumulated Internet credit.
    • Main credit of Rp 3,000.


  • With only Rp 5.000 you will get a SIM card with the following benefits:
    Perdana Cengli
    Rp. 3000Main Credit
    Rp. 5000/day for 30 days (Total 150.000)Internet Credit
    Following the card’s validity periodInternet credit’s validity period
    30 daysCard’s validity period


    Enjoy the following flat tariff:

    PROVISIONAll Over Indonesia for 24 Hours
    New Tarif
    Calling fellow Tri usersRp 165/min
    Calling other operatorsRp 880/min
    Text messagesRp 875/day[ immediately enjoy 1,000 texts (to fellow Tri users) and 30 Texts (to other operators) ]
    GPRSRp. 1.1/KB
    If you’d like to get more Internet credit, get Cengli package by pressing *123*3*6# from your cellular phone. Make sure you have at least Rp 6,000 credit before making a purchase. For every package purchased, you’d get extra Rp 5,000 Internet credit every day for 30 days!
    Cengli Package
    PriceRp. 6000
    Main CreditRp. 3000
    Internet CreditRp. 5000/day
    Internet credit validity period30 days


    1. What is Cengli ?
      Cengli is a new Tri SIM card that gives Internet credit bonus of Rp 5,000/day that can be used to access Internet for 24 hours in 30 days.
    2. How much does it cost ?
      • Rp 5,000 incl. tax
      • It includes main credit of Rp 3,000 and Rp 5,000/day Internet credit bonus for 30 days (Total Internet Credit: Rp 150,000)
    3. Where can I buy Perdana Cengli card?
      Perdana Cengli is available at 3Store and the nearest outlet.
    4. Can long-time subscriber uses Cengli?
      Cengli is currently only available for new subscribers buying Cengli SIM card.
    5. What are the benefits of using Cengli?
      • Internet credit of Rp 5,000 a day for 30 days to access the Internet for 24 hours.
      • The Internet credit will be accumulated and can be used within the card’s validity period.
      • Rp 3,000 credit that can be used to make phone calls and send text messages.
    6. What is Internet credit?
      • Internet credit is the credit that can be used to access the Internet for 24 hours (with GPRS tariff of Rp 5/KB).
      • The remaining Internet credit will be accumulated and can be used within the card’s validity period.
    7. When can the Internet credit be used?
      • The credit can be used to access the Internet, including browsing any website and chatting in any application, for 24 hours.
      • The tariff is Rp 5/KB GPRS tariff without any terms and conditions. GPRS tariff beyond the Internet credit is Rp 1/KB
      • If the Internet credit runs out, the Internet use is charged to the main credit.
    8. What kind of tariff applies for Cengli card?
      • Internet credit tariff is Rp 5/KB GPRS
      • The rest follows the flat tariff that is simple and competitive.
        Phone CallHargaUnit
        To fellow Tri Users165Rp/Min
        To every operator880Rp/Min
        Text message to all operators875Rp/Day


    9. What is the simulation like for Internet credit use?

    10. What is the simulation like if the Internet usage exceeds the bonus?
      • Internet access with Internet credit tariff of Rp 5/KB
      • If the Internet access exceeds Internet credit bonus, the tariff is Rp 1/KB.


    11. Can the remaining Internet credit be used after the Internet credit bonus validity period ends?

      Yes, as long as the card is still valid.

    12. Will the Internet Credit be available after 30 days?
      If you only activate Cengli SIM card, you can get the Internet credit of Rp 5,000/day for 30 days. Afterwards, you can still use the remaining Internet credit after the card’s validity period.
    13. How to always get the Internet credit?
      Just buy Cengli top-up package.
    14. What is Cengli top-up package?
      It is a package to extend the validity period of the SIM card and the validity of Internet credit.
    15. Can I top up the Internet credit to more than Rp 5,000 a day?
      Yes, by buying Cengli top-up package to increase the Internet credit every day.
    16. How to buy Cengli top up package?
      Press *123# on your phone or using
    17. How much does a Cengli top-up package cost?
      Cengli Package
      PriceRp. 6,000
      Main CreditRp. 3,000
      Internet CreditRp. 5,000/day for 30 days
      Whenever a subscriber buys Cengli top-up package, the Internet credit of Rp 5,000 will be added every day for 30 days.
    18. Can we buy Cengli top-up package multiple times?
      • Yes, you can buy the top-up package more than once.
      • Internet credit of Rp 5,000 a day will be added for 30 days according to the purchased Cengli top-up package.
    19. What is the simulation like for Cengli top-up package purchase?

    20. What will happen if Cengli card is top upped with Kuota++ for the first time?
      • If you immediately top up with Kuota++ after activating the card (through 4444), then every Internet access will use up the quota from Kuota++.
      • After Kuota++ runs out, it will switch to Internet credit.
      • After topping up Kuota++, the validity period of the card will extend for 1 day.
      • Illustration:
        • If a subscriber activates the card on 1 April, the card will be valid until 30 April (30 days).
        • The grace period is from 1 May to 29 June (60 days)
        • Subscriber buys Kuota++ 100 MB top-up on April 2
        • Internet access will use up the 100 MB quota. After the quota runs out, it will switch to Internet credit.
        • The card’s validity period will extend for 1 day until 1 May.
        • The grace period will extend for 1 day as well, from 2 May to 30 June.
    21. What will happen if Cengli card is topped up with AON package?
      • The card’s validity period will be extended according to the AON top-up [AON 1 month, AON 6 months and AON 12 months]
      • You will get 50MB/month bonus within the AON’s validity period
      • You will not get the bonus of 11 free sites.
    22. What will happen if the Cengli card enters grace period?
      • The remaining main credit, Internet credit and quota will be temporarily frozen but they will not expire.
      • Phone calls and text messages will be blocked temporarily until the credit is topped up.
      • If subscriber tops up the card during grace period:
        • The remaining Internet credit and/or quota will be reactivated.
        • The validity period of the top-up voucher will become the new validity period for the card, and 1 day after the validity period ends will be the new grace period (60 days).
      • If subscriber does not top up the card until the grace period ends, the remaining main credit, Internet credit and quota will expire.
      • To reactivate the card during the grace period, top up the card with regular top-up voucher.

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