Redeem Mechanism
Terms and Conditions
  • Keep topping up your Tri credits, collect BonsTri and the points to redeem it with various kinds of unique merchandises!

    BonsTri Sticker200 points
    BonsTri Keychain400 points
    BonsTri T-Shirt900 points
    BonsTri Tumbler1200 points


    1. After BonsTri points have been traded with the merchandise in the web, you will receive an SMS that contains transaction ID.
    2. Showing the SMS containing unique code (transaction ID) that sent to your Tri number to nearest 3Store in your twon to redeem the chosen merchandise.
    3. Model, kinds, color and packaging of the merchandise is unbidden, it will be given out based on stock availability in 3Store.  
    4. Transaction ID valid only for 14 days after the date of point trade. After 14 days, transaction ID will be forfeited.
    1. Points that want to be redeem must be in accordance with the required number of points that have been determined. Does not apply if the points are less or more that specified. The number of points you can get by summing the points of each BonsTri character that you already have.
    2. Validity period of transaction ID accordingly with what will be stated in the SMS.
    3. When surpassed the validity period, transaction ID will be forfeited and cannot be used any longer.
    4. Transaction ID can only be used in one transaction and cannot be used multiple times.
    5. Transaction ID cannot be handed to other person. H3I held no responsible for misuse of transaction ID by third party;
    6. PT Hutchison 3 Indonesia (H3I) has the right to change all or certain point of the applied terms and conditions without prior notice;
    7. Transaction ID cannot be forwarded to other number to be used multiple times, including and not limited to fraud and counterfeiting of the transaction ID. Shall there be a misuse of the transaction ID, H3I has the right to handle the issue to the extent required or permitted by Applicable Law;
    8. Herewith, transaction ID user understood and hold harmless H3I and its directors, employees, and partners against any risk and loss suffered by customers or transaction ID users, including but not limited to accident, injuries, death, loss, damage any other harmless from any form of losses that could possibly happen during the use of transaction ID.
    1. How to redeem my BonsTri points with any surprises at Bonstri.tri.co.id?
      You just need to go to Bonstri.tri.co.id and choose “Tukar BonsTri” at menu, then you can redeem your BonsTri points in there. Just make sure you have enough points to redeem any surprises that you want.
    2. Where can customers redeem transaction ID that sent via SMS with merchandise?
      You can take merchandise in 3Store all over Indonesia by showing the SMS containing unique code (transaction ID) that sent to your Tri number after point trade is successful.
    3. Can I redeem more than 1 (one) merchandise?
      Yes you can, you can redeem more than one merchandise as long as your points are sufficient to be traded.
    4. Can transaction ID be redeemed with different merchandise when I bring It to 3Store? For example: In microsite, I trade my points with sticker, but it turned out in 3Store there is other interesting merchandise that has the same value as the sticker.
      No, you cannot redeem transaction ID with other merchandise that has different transaction ID with the one you have received in the SMS, although the value is the same.
    5. Is there any additional cost to redeem the merchandise in 3Store?
      No, there will be no extra cost when you redeem your merchandise in the nearest 3Store in your town.
    6. What if I didn’t received SMS containing transaction ID or the SMS lost/delete after point trade is successful?
      If you haven’t received SMS containing transaction ID, please contact our customer care in 123 the at least 7 days after point trade, to avoid your transaction ID being forfeited.

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