How to Redeem BonsTri
  • Recharge Tri credits now is enjoy!


    Special for Tri loyal customer, now there is Isi Ulang Enjoy program that give you many surprises. Want to know how to get it?
    Every time you recharge your Tri credits with IDR 5K minimum, you will get:
    • Product surprise from Tri
    • BonsTri characters which is accessible at bonstri.tri.co.id
    You can also get the chance to win iPhone 7 with BonsTri Hunt!
    When you recharge at 12 selected area (Aceh, Medan-Siantar, Padang-Pekanbaru, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Jambi-Palembang, Mataram, Surabaya Outer (Gresik, Mojekerto, Lamongan, Tuban, Madura), Yogya-Solo, Jember, Serang, dan Cianjur) you will have a chance to get iPhone 7. All you have to do is:
    • Take a photo of varieties BonsTri characters from posters, flyers or stickers available at retailers/outlets around you.
    • And then, post it on your FB, Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #BonsTri
    • Don't forget mention @triindonesia in your post.
    • The latest post period is on 30 November 2016. Chosen photos will be announced on tri.co.id/bonstri at 16 December 2016.
    • Prize will be given according to availability of goods or similar goods.
    • The decision of the judge(s) shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.
    So, what are you waiting for? Go recharge your Tri credits now!
    Recharge is ENJOY!
    1. What is Isi Ulang Enjoy program?
      Isi Ulang Enjoy program is an appreciation from Tri to loyal customer by giving you direct surprises every time you recharge Tri credits with IDR 5K minimum at 12 selected area.
    2. Which city can makes customer join Isi Ulang Enjoy program?
      Isi Ulang Enjoy program prevail for Tri loyal customer who do recharge Tri credits with IDR 5K minimum at these following cities:
      • Aceh
      • Balikpapan
      • Banjarmasin
      • Jambi – Palembang
      • Medan – Siantar
      • Padang - Pekanbaru
      • Cianjur (Sukabumi)
      • Serang
      • Jember
      • Mataram (Lombok)
      • Surabaya Outer (yaitu Gresik,Mojekerto,Lamongan,Tuban,Madura)
      • Yogyakarta – Solo
    3. Does this program available for postpaid customers?
      No, this program is only available for prepaid customers.
    4. How the mechanism to get surpise from Isi Ulang Enjoy program and collect BonsTRI characters?
      Every time you recharge with IDR 5K minimum, you will get SMS information about what kind of surprise you received and what characters did you get by checking it on bonstri.tri.co.id .Surprise from Isi Ulang enjoy will be giving directly maximum 1 x 24 hours after recharge without confirmation SMS or anything.
    5. Where should customer recharge their credits to get kejutan from Isi Ulang Enjoy?
      You can recharge from everywhere as long as at 12 selected area. Example: You can recharge from nearest retailer, bank, mini market, Tri website, website which sells Tri credits, using voucher or electronics and other places.
    6. What if customer recharges their credits more than one time in one day?
      No matter, you recharge your credits more than one time or less. As long as you recharge with IDR 5K minimum, you will always get surprise from Tri.
    7. Is there any validity period for surprise product that I get?
      Each of surprise has their own validity period and will be notified from SMS.
    8. What if the Surprise’s validity period ended but the surprise’s product still remained?
      The remaining product will be forfeited.
    9. Can I use Surprise Package everywhere?
      Yes, Surprise Package can be used in any Indonesia areas.
      For example: customer done the top up in Aceh, then the package can be enjoyed outside Aceh area.
      Surprise Package cannot be used when customer were abroad.
    10. How to check the status of Surprise Package?
      The Surprise Package status will be informed via SMS when the surprise is received.
      If the SMS lost, customer can check it from BimaTri or contact Tri Customer Care in 123
    11. Can I check Surprise Package status from BimaTri?
      Yes you can, checking your package surprise’s status can be done from SMS, BimaTri and Tri Customer Care in 123.
    12. What if I don’t get the SMS, even though I have done the top up (with the amount of IDR 5.000 and up) and in 12 areas mentioned above?
      Surprise will be given in maximum 1 x 24 hours after the top up is done, please contact Tri Customer Care in 123 or check from BimaTri.
    13. What if customer did not get SMS, but they already recharge and they were in 12 selected area?
      Surprise will be giving maximum 1 x 24 hours after recharge. If you did not get it, you can contact Tri Customer Care at 123.

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