Terms and Conditions
    1. What is Microsoft Carrier Billing ?
      Tri Indonesia enabling the purchase of Games & Apps on a Microsoft Windows Phone 8 & below through your Tri credits is MCB. 
    2. Can I buy Music ?
      Microsoft has not launched music in Indonesia on its Windows Phone
    3. Can I buy Books & Movies ?
      Books & Movies are not available in Windows 8. 
    4. Can I buy when phone in connected on Wifi ?
      Yes, the Windows phone runs the 3G network in the background for the purchase and then switch it off, so authentication happens on 3G.
    5. Can I buy when phone is connected on wifi in Airplane mode ?
    1. You can use your Tri credits to buy any available Apps, Games, Books and Movies that can be downloaded or streamed through Windows Store (the “Content”).
    2. You can only use your Tri credits to pay the Content using your Windows Phone (applicable to Prepaid customers only).
    3. To protect you from overspending, 3 Network has set certain limits on your purchases of the Content using your Tri credits as follows:
      a. Rp.    500.000,- as the maximum limit per transaction; 
      b. Rp.    500.000,- as daily limit;
      c. Rp. 1.000.000,- as weekly limit;
      d. Rp. 2.000.000,- as monthly limit.
    4. The prices of the Content shown on the Windows Store are the final prices that will deduct your Tri credits. The price includes 10% VAT.
    5. Windows Phone will try to make a purchase of Content while you are using WIFI connection, by switching on your Tri Network mobile data (if available).
    6. Windows Phone will not be able to make a purchase when your phone is set in Airplane mode.
    7. All Content purchases are made from Windows Phone and existing Windows Store Terms http://www.windowsphone.com/id-id/store/terms-of-service will apply.
    8. If you have a problem with a purchased Content, you must follow the support instructions provided in your e-mail receipt, sent by Microsoft.
    9. Tri Network reserves the right to remove the ability to pay using your Tri credits without prior notice.
    10. Tri Network reserves the right to amend this Terms of Service without any prior notice.
    11. Please contact Tri Network Customer Care Hotline 123 for enquires.

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