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  • Now it’s getting easier to keep update and exist in Facebook, beside using data and SMS, now you could also updating your Facebook via FB Xpress in *325#.
    From FB Xpress you can get access to :
    • See news update
    • Update status
    • Write comment on your friend’s Facebook wall
    • Add friends
    • Send message
    • Read notification
    To get this service, you just need to type *325# from your smartphone.
    • Daily : IDR 500 (not include PPn)
    • Weekly : IDR 2.500 (not include PPn)
    • Monthly : IDR 8.000 (not include PPn)
    New FB Xpress subscribers could access and update Facebook for free in 3 days since first activation. After that, will get charged according to the packaged selected.
    To STOP the service, type *325*22#
  • How to Subscribe
    Free 3 days for the 1st time subscribe. After that your credits will be automatically deducted based on packaged that you have choose.
    Has Been Unsubscribed and Log Out
    • The account name will appear in accordance with the account name of the last login. Simply enter a password or type the number 2 to log in with another account.
    • If the Tri number that registered on Facebook different from the number used to subscribe, a prompt will appears asking “ Do you want to add 6289xxx to your Facebook account?
    • Customer will not get free 3 days because previously been subscribed.

    Has Been Unsubscribed Without Log Out
    If already unsubscribed, select any menu in the main menu, then you will directed to destination package to subscribe.
    Steps to Unsubscribe
    To unsubscribe, customers can access *325*22# or choose this menu :


    1. Bagaimana cara berlangganan FB Express?
      Tekan *325#, pelanggan akan diarahkan untuk berlangganan terlebih dahulu agar bisa menikmati facebook-an melalui *325#
    2. Apakah bisa mengirimkan gambar atau update profile picture melalui FB Xpress?
      Untuk saat ini belum bisa mengirimkan gambar atau meng-update foto profile melalui FB Xpress
    3. Layanan apa saja yang bisa dinikmati di FB Xpress?
      - Lihat berita terbaru
      - Perbarui status
      - Menulis komentar di Facebook teman
      - Permintaan pertemanan
      - Kirim Pesan
      - Membaca notifikasi
    4. Berapa biaya berlangganan untuk FB Xpress?
      - Harian Rp 500 (belum termasuk PPN)
      - Mingguan Rp 2.500 (belum termasuk PPN)
      - Bulanan Rp 8.000 (belum termasuk PPN)
    5. Apakah bisa “invite friend” dengan menggunakan nomor telepon melalui FB Xpress?
      Bisa, selama nomor telepon tersebut di daftarkan di Facebook (baik on-net atau off net). Pilih menu “Permintaan Pertemanan” kemudian “Tambah Teman”, lalu masukkan nomor telepon temanmu.
    6. Apakah setiap berlangganan, pelanggan dapat menikmati gratis 3 hari?
      Tidak, gratis 3 hari hanya didapatkan pada saat pertama kali berlangganan
    7. Apakah perlu ada settingan tertentu untuk bisa menikmati layanan FB Xpress?
      Pelanggan cukup pastikan pengaturan “Privacy” di facebook bisa di akses untuk semua orang

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