• Slypee is an app-store special for Tri customers, it has many kind of premium contents such as Games, Videos and Wallpapers ("Content").

    Tri customers can access Slypee by browsing to the website address at http://h3i.slypee.com  ("Site").

    Special for new Slypee subscribers, you will get 7 (seven) days free trial promotion and enjoy free download of all premium Content(s) that available is the Site.

    How to subscribe:
    1. Call *393#, choose number 7 (seven)
    2. Go to the Site at http://h3i.slypee.com 

  • Subscription fee to access the Site is IDR 5.500 (five thousand five hundred rupiah) per week that will be automatically renewed for 180 days.

    For all new subscriber will enjoy 7 (seven) days free promo trial to access the Site including to download premium Content(s).

    1. What is Slypee service?
      It’s a portal to sell premium Contents such as games, apps and others Content.
    2. How to activate Slypee service?
      The service can be access through the website at  http://h3i.slypee.com from your mobile browser and choose to subscribe. Or call *393# and choose number 7 (seven).
    3. What is the payment method used to access Slypee?
      The payment method used in Slypee is using Tri balance.
    4. What is the subscription tariff for Slypee?
      Service subscription rates for Slypee is Rp 5,500 (five thousand five hundred rupiah) per week (include VAT) that will be renewed for 180 days.
    5. How do I unsubscribe from Slypee service?
      To unsubcribe from Slypee service, you can send an SMS with a format of UNREG SLYPEESTORE to 99876. Or call *393# and choose Slypee.
    6. Whom to contact there’s issue or need further information about Slypee?
      You can contact Slypee Customer Service at 021-52902182.
    7. When I re-subscribe to Slypee service, will I get 7 days free trial again?
      No.  This promotion is only applicable for 1st activation or subscription (new subscriber).

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