• LINE is one of the biggest mobile chatting application in the world and the second largest application in Indonesia.
    Now Tri customers can make a purchase in LINE apps with single login LINE in LINE Web Store.
    LINE Web Store provides convenience for Tri customers to make a purchase in LINE apps with your credits. You can purchase games coin items, stickers and themes that available in LINE Web Store.
    LINE Web Store can be accessed via http://store.line.me
    1. What is LINE WEB STORE ?
      LINE WEB STORE is a service that can be accessed from PC or smartphone, that allows you to purchase games coin items, stickers and themes.
      Items that can be purchased in LINE WEB STORE:
      • LINE paid items (Stickers, Themes)
      • Virtual currency that can be used in LINE Games
      • Games for LINE PLAY
      *Extra Heart cannot be purchased in LINE STORE, please consider to purchase it in LINE PLAY application.
    2. What payment method that can be used to access LINE WEB STORE?
      Payment can be done with Tri credits or LINE Gift Code, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and Line Pay.
    3. How much is the tariff of the service provided by LINE ?
      • Rp 2,400
      • Rp 4,600
      • Rp 7,000
      • Rp 12,000
      • Rp 18,700
      • Rp 23,000
      • Rp 35,000
      • Rp 38,500
      • Rp 45,000
      • Rp 69,000
      • Rp 129,000
      • Rp 239,000
      • Rp 359,000
      • Rp 649,000
    4. Who can I contact if a problem occured or needed clarification?
      CS: 021-02150670777

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