• Genflix is a subscribing service, that hosting premium contents such as Barclay’s Premier League, World Cup and Video on Demand such as international films, Indonesian films, Korean dramas, etc. Genflix can be enjoyed through website www.genflix.co.id, and via Android and iOS apps.
    Easy ways to access Genflix!
    You can use Tri credits to subscribe to daily or monthly Genflix packages. Choose a package that suits your needs in *393# or via Bimatri application.
    Here are few features in Genflix 2.0 application:


    1. Geo Blocking
      Genflix is only accessible in Indonesia.
    2. DRM
      All contents in Genflix are protected by the best DRM (Digital Rights Management).
    3. Multi Screen
      Genflix is accessible from Desktop PC / Laptop, Android Devices, and iOS Devices.
    4. Live Streaming & VOD (Video On Demand)
      Genflix also provides VOD, besides its linear shows.
    5. Adaptive Player
      Application will automatically adjust picture resolution with network quality accessed by the device.
    6. Rental*
      Customers can download and rent any content in Genflix for a certain period.
    7. Multi Payment Methods
      Customers can choose any payment methods to purchase Genflix packages.
    8. Time Bookmark*
      Genflix will mark customer’s latest access, so each customer can resume or playback the show being viewed.


    *Coming soon.

  • Price*PeriodsContent
    beIN Sports 1,2,3 SDbeIN Sports 1,2,3 HDVideo on Demand
              5,000Every 3 daysYesNoYes
            25,000Per-Month (HD Quality)YesYesYes

    *Prices excludes VAT

    * Starting from 16th February 2016, you can enjoy LIVE match only on monthly subscriptions.
    1. What is Genflix service?
      Genflix is a premium subscribing service, which provide the hottest soccer leagues in the world (Barclay’s Premier League and World Cup), and hours of Video on Demand that can be accessed from www.genflix.co.id, Android, and iOS apps.
    2. Which kind of video that can be provided on demand?
      International films, Indonesian films, Korean drama, Thai films, etc.
    3. How can I subscribe to Genflix service?
      You can apply via *393# or from Bimatri application. Choose a package that suits your needs, and your Tri credits will automatically deducted according to the price of chosen package.
    4. After finish applying, what should I do?
      You will get an SMS notification that informing your user ID and password that you can use to log in http://genflix.co.id/#login or via Genflix apps.
    5. How to unsubscribe Genflix service?
      To stop subscribing, contact *393# from your Tri number.
    6. Can I use Genflix application in all Android and iOS device?
      For Android, the minimum requirement is OS 4.1
      and for iOS, the equirement is minimum iOS 7.0
    7. I’ve subscribed to Genflix Daily, but why I cant watch LIVE match?
      Starting 16th February 2016, LIVE match can only be accessed using Genflix monthly.


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