Nikmati serunya berbagi kuota internetan bareng sahabatmu dengan perdana Sobat

Jagoan Internet 1000
Hanya pakai Rp 1000, bisa dapat bonus internetan, SMS dan nelpon ke semua operator

Get More
Only with Perdana Get More, you will get a quota doubled each renewal period.

Multiple Rp 5,000 bonuses for Internet connection.

Indie+ gives phone credit and Internet quota worth Rp 200,000. Use now, pay later.

Enjoy free internet connection with bonus quota every month and validity period that lasts up to one year.

For you who need big credit for phone calls and text messages, large Internet quota and long validity period. Only with Jumbo SIM Card, you can get more than what you pay.

With only Rp 125,000 , you can enjoy BlackBerry® Socialite service for three months, plus Rp 10,000 credit bonus to be used anytime as long as the card is still valid. That means you only need to pay Rp 25,000 a month for the Blackberry service and it can be used right away without having to top up the credit.