KIOS RBT is a RBT services that allows subscribers get TOP3 RBT songs from retailer. Simply come to the nearest retailer, and then you can enjoy the KIOS RBT service with a special price.
    You will get 3 best songs that will be changed every week on your smartphone without having to replace or buy this KIOS RBT service anymore.
    Service benefits:
    1. Get a cheaper price of 3 RBT TOP.
    2.  Just need to pay 1 time for 30 days, you will get 3 RBT TOP new ones every week.
    3. Songs will be changed automatically on your mobile phone during your subscription period without the need to replace it manually.
    How to activate KIOS RBT :
    Visit the retailer nearest you and He/She will help you to activate your KIOS RBT

    To un-registered this service:  type HAPUS <code> send to 1212

    To check service code: type MYBOX send to 1212

    KIOS RBT list on June 2016:
    1 - 7Untuk ApaMaudy Ayunda
    Bila EngkauFlanella
    PengorbananSetia Band
    8 - 14Kembalilah PadakuRizkiridho
    Cinta Dalam HatiUngu
    Kau Masih KekasihkuNaff
    15-21Suka Sama KamuD'Bagindas
    Akhirnya Aku MenemukanmuNaff
    C.I.N.T.AD Bagindas
    22-30PercayalahAfgan Duet Raisa
    Cinta Datang TerlambatMaudy Ayunda
    Tercipta Untukku (Feat.Rossa)Ungu


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